Trusted staff.
Years of experience. That’s how we do it.

Looking to streamline and save money?

Every project is different. Our multi-faceted team of professionals have experience in all sectors of the oil and gas industry. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to complete abandonments, decommissioning & pipeline integrity management projects with just one phone call to our office, saving you time and money.

Why JSK?

  • We are a full service decommissioning and abandonment company.
  • We can help you start, improve & maintain your pipeline integrity management program.
  • We know our people and our clients well.
  • We have a trusted, highly skilled team of experts with knowledge and experience in all aspects of the oil and gas industry including a thorough knowledge of all applicable regulations.
  • We take pride in creating and maintaining positive relationships making it easier to get the jobs done safely and correctly, the first time.